The FREESDIAL name, which the watch bears, on the one hand describes
that the watch has dials that are not fixed in place (FREE DIALS) and on
the other hand that the hands and dials of this watch move in “FREESTYLE”.

The special minute hand, which also changes in length, moves over the moving dials (FREE DIALS). On the back of the watch, 3 additional, freely rotating indicator discs (FREE DIALS) are integrated in the winding rotor. These 3 indicator discs are each installed centrally with a ball bearing and rotate freely around their respective axis of rotation



Three smaller, ball bearing mounted and freely movable indicator discs (FREE DIALS) are integrated in the 360° winding rotor mounted on the reverse, which helps to make the right wight for the main rotor but do not have a mechanical function and only serve as a visual and playful element. The movement of the watch does not only rotate the winding rotor, but also the 3 smaller, 5-arm indicator discs. The following 5 digits are visible per each small indicator disc: 7, 5 (shown as a 5-pointed star), 3 (shown as a 3-pointed star), 1 (shown as an arrow) and 0. Due to the movement of the watch, the 3 small freely movable indicator discs are brought into movement, enabled by an asymmetrical cut-out on the inside of the indicator discs. Three markings are visible centrally on the winding rotor, to which the 3 indicator discs point during standstill.The highest number of combinations is 3 times a 7, therefore 777, which point to the central markings  of the winding rotor.



The indication of the minutes is performed via the hand controlled by the eccentric cams, as well as by the 2 movable dials. (FREE DIALS) The entire hand assembly group is comprised of a total of 27 individual components. The hand is powered by 2 counter-rotating gear wheels with fitted eccentric cams. The hand changes its length over the course of the 60 minutes by means of the additional eccentric lever. The additional eccentric lever is connected via a connecting rod with the hand tip that shifts. As a result, the tip of the hand moves and slides up and down on the main hand, in which the tip of the hand achieves the greatest lift per minute at approx 15 minutes and 45 minutes. In turn, the main hand reaches its greatest lift and highest speed per minute in the area of 60 minutes and 30 minutes and moves slower in the area of 15 minutes and 45 minutes. The two movable dials (FREE DIALS) are driven per 1 gear wheel with a fitted eccentric cam and are designed in such a manner that they have their greatest lift in the area of 15 and 45 minutes. The dials move in the opposite direction to the hand, which increases the resolution of the time display and improves legibility


nord zeitmaschine freesdial V2
nord zeitmaschine freesdial
watch  version v3


NORD N4,  30 ruby jewels and 14 integrated  precision micro ball bearings.
360° winding rotor with 3 integrated free dials
28800 vibrations per hour,  power reserve to 38 h, basic ETA 2824
Minutes, by means of a hand that changes in length, controlled via 2 counter-rotating eccentric cams and 2 movable dials.
Decentralized hour  ,  GMT time ,   Day & night  ,   Date


Stainless steel / bezel and sapphire crystal back, secured with 8 screws
2 crowns each with double o-ring seals


Diameter  44,3 mm ,  height  14,7  mm (15,7  over the domed glass) , weight  110 grams (without strap)


Calf leather strap, with croco-texture,   wide 26 mm


V1 – mechanical parts coated:  blackgold  / white rhodium , hand dark yellowgold
limited to 97 pieces, from  N° 01  to  N° 97
V2 – mechanical parts coated:  white rhodium / blackgold
limited to 97 pieces, from  N° 01  to  N° 97
V3 – mechanical parts coated:  white rhodium / hand and dials in blue
limited to 97 pieces, from  N° 01  to  N° 97

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