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Three smaller, ball bearing mounted and freely movable indicator discs (FREE DIALS) are integrated in the 360 winding rotor mounted

on the reverse, which helps to make the right wight for the main rotor but do not have a mechanical function and only serve as a visual and playful element. The movement of the watch does not only rotate the winding rotor, but also the 3 smaller, 5-arm indicator discs. The following 5 digits are visible per each small indicator disc: 7, 5 (shown as a 5-pointed star), 3 (shown as a 3-pointed star), 1 (shown as an arrow) and 0. Due to the movement of the watch, the 3 small freely movable indicator discs are brought into movement, enabled by an asymmetrical cut-out on the inside of the indicator discs. Three markings are visible centrally on the winding rotor, to which the 3 indicator discs point during standstill.The highest number of combinations is 3 times a 7, therefore 777, which point to the central markings  of the winding rotor.

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